Personal Training

Total Holistic Fitness works with you on the premises of convenience, flexibility and affordability, taking a holistic approach to your Mind, Body and Well- Being. Working with you to sculpt, train and build your body on the principles of: balance, symmetry and proportion, with the added benefits of working to increase awareness of better movement and increased sense of well-being.

Here at THF, I specialise in functional training. This method of training works the whole body, not just parts of the body. Each exercise will utilise all body parts, using, multi joint exercises that activates and conditions lots of muscles simultaneously, using a variety of versatile equipment and exercises to get the absolute maximum out of every training session. Each work out is custom prepared specifically towards your goals. With a progressive programme tailored for you. Take a look at the range of packages on offer.

Case Study - Andy

A self confessed gym phobe! 48 years of avoidance and procrastination had taken its toll. He was out of shape, fearful of exercise and self conscious. He didn’t want bulging muscles but desired a swimmers physique. 3 Months later the body fat had been stripped off, his enthusiasm was high and he had started to develop a neat abdominal 6 pack starting to show through.

"What I loved about my sessions is that I never once went to the gym! Never lifted a barbell, but still developed the lean athletic appearance I now have. The exercises were different every time with a mix of everything. I am now a completed convert to functional training"

Why Personal Training?

  • Improved aspects of your health
  • Increased speed, agility, flexibility, posture and toning, for all round balance
  • It’s a source of high intensity metabolic training to strip body fat, build muscular endurance and strength, and improve cardiovascular, aerobic performance
  • Individually tailored workout routine, including regular goal setting
  • Using equipment such as battle ropes, suspension training, kettle bells and sandbags, staying true to the concepts of functional workouts – working the whole body in one session
  • No session is ever the same, keeping your motivation and momentum in peak condition to work toward your goals
  • Online support to assist you with issues arising outside training hours
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