DNA Diet and Nutrition

Exercise and Fitness, to be fully effective, must also be in combination with a nutrition plan. As a qualified DNA fitness professional I can offer you a complete understanding of what kind of training and diet is right for you and your body. By accessing a simple test, we can assess your body type, and discover what variants you have in your genes, to then prescribe the exact right nutrition and training plan for you

DNA fitness, tests for different genes in your body, to assess how to best eat and train for your genetic type. Resulting in a bespoke plan that works with your body for maximum results, this includes personalised nutrition plans along with menus and recipes. All the guess work is taking out of the equation, and you can eat and train precisely for your own unique body type, so you eat and train according to your own particular genetic type.

The DNA Fit Diet plan which tests for 13 different genes in your body and gives you the right diet plan for you, with a 12 week eating plan with recipes, including shopping lists, taking the guess work out of diet and nutrition plans. We can use this to complement your exercise and fitness training plan, ensuring that you are working to maximum efficiency and heading forward towards your specific goals. Your very own DNA Diet can be added into your training package.

Case Study - Michael

Michael had slowly been gaining weight after a difficult emotional time: this was starting to compound how he felt about himself. He was a member of a gym but always found excuses not to go. After a 6 week DNA nutrient plan that laid out the recipes and best diet for him, complete with shopping lists. His exercise plan was scheduled at a time that suited him in the privacy of his own home. Results were, his weight started to fall, he was starting to see the muscle tone, and energy had increased dramatically, along with self esteem.

"I knew what was doing for the first time ever and felt totally re-educated, making the right choices for me and my body and my lifestyle. It's not really a diet, it's a life plan of healthy eating, difference here is that I know it's what my body needs to work. I can say this scientifically, after my DNA sample was tested to figure out what works for me."

Why DNA Diet & Nutrition?

  • Identify your Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Sensitivity
  • Identify your Lactose & Gluten Intolerance Risk
  • Understand your Anti-Oxidant Needs
  • Learn what Vitamin & Micronutrient Intake you need
  • Assess your Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Sensitivity
  • Customised 12-week Eating Plan & Recipes for your DNA type
  • Suggested Shopping List
  • Take the guess work out of training
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