Training Goals

At Total Holistic Fitness the philosophy is that all parts work together, we can’t just identify one part and expect everything else to fall into place; this is why the holistic method is taken. That being said, you will still most likely have a primary method for training. Whatever your primary method you can be sure that secondary gains encompassing the Mind and your Well-being, will also be taken care of in your training with Total Holistic Fitness.

Fat Loss

Fat loss is one of the most common yet challenging goals, and the approach is different for each and every individual. Exercise alone will work to a degree, but there also needs to be a sustainable nutrition plan in place too, to increase fat loss and keep it off. This means building new habits and a new lifestyle. Functional training along with DNA diet, with Pilates and Yoga are the idea combination for fat loss.

Muscle Building and Strength

Many are looking to improve strength gains or increase muscle mass whether from injury or surgery rehabilitation or simply from an aesthetic perspective. Functional training works on the premise of compound exercises, exercises that mobilise many muscles and joints, as opposed to solitary ones. Combined with the right diet, supplements and bespoke training plan everyone can attain their aesthetic goals.


A combination of Pilates and Yoga, diet and elements of functional training are the ideal mix for toning the body. Pilates can work extremely well in building a solid core, combined with the thermogenic effects of Yoga along with a diet suited to your DNA type, this then offers the perfect combination for those that want to tone without building bulk.

Improve Performance

Functional training is ideal to improve sport of everyday performance as many of the exercises mimic what we do in day to day life. Specific exercises can also be given for particular sports to increase performance. Combined with Somatics and or combination of Pilates and Yoga to further complement the whole picture.


Somatics, Yoga and Pilates are all excellent ways to aid rehabilitation all three can be suited to gentle and non-aerobic styles with all the benefits of increased agility mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.

Improved sense of physical and emotional well-being

With all disciplines there is the added value of a calmer, focused and peaceful sense of being, due to their mind-body connection involved in the exercises.

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